Hotel Self Check-in Kiosk in Hong Kong


The traditional check-in method is time-consuming and troublesome. For this reason, Teamotto Smart provides a complete check-in proposal for Hong Kong hotels. The hotel self-check-in machine is a very popular product. The following explains the check-in system reservation and check-out functions.


[Reservation] In addition to check-in and check-out, the self checkin machine/kiosk can also make room reservations. Enter the check-in date to directly query the available room type (real-time information and price).




[Payment] After the reservation is completed, the check-in machine provides a variety of payment methods: credit card, WeChat Pay, Apple Pay and other popular payment methods. Click the payment button to lock the room for 10 minutes to pay.




[Reservation success] After the payment is made, the interface will display the order information. At this time, guests can take photos by their mobile phones to record, or send the text information to the mobile phone. After the reservation is successful, they can check in directly, which is convenient for the guests without prior planning.




[Check in]

Step 1: Choose a room

You can book a room online in advance. When checking in, guests can click on the room type photo from the list to view the room photos of each room type and then choose there preferred room. There are more choices than traditional check-in methods.



Step 2: Scan the passport

When checking in, you need to provide a passport for scanning, and the system will automatically obtain the information in the passport, eliminating the hassle of manually inputting information (passport scanner supports all passport types in the world, and supports Chinese ID cards and Hong Kong and Macau travel documents)




Step 3: Choose a room card

The guest can choose the traditional room card to open the door, which is convenient for older customers. It can also choose the mobile key to unlock the door.




[Check out]
Enter the room number and surname on the check-in machine to start the check-out, and check your own bills and information after checking out. After checking out, the room card or mobile key will be invalid at the same time.




For the hotel, the check-in system can reduce the front desk workload, reduce the labor cost of the hotel front desk, increase customer satisfaction, and bring the convenience to guests. Cooperation contact: (852) 3111 2577