Smart Hotel Showroom Video - Teamotto


The video demonstrate the followings which can give more insights on how the smart hotel room look like. 

Online booking and check in

Guests uses the mobile apps provided by hotel, and select the date to stay. Once the booking confirmed, guests can make use of the self check in kiosk/machine to make the check in process by themselves.

Self check in kiosk/machine

Even if the guests have no booking by the mobile apps, they can still make the booking by using the self check in kiosk to make the booking and check in at the same time.

Face recognition to unlock the door

Once the check in process completed, guests can use their face/mobile apps with bluetooth function to unlock the door.

Preset welcome mode

The guests push the door and the smart IoT hardware will automatically execute the welcome mode.

In-room control pad

The guests use the in-room control pad to control all the IoT hardware which include:

- Lighting control ( it supports dimming, color temperature and RGBW)

- Air-conditional 

- Curtain


- Background music

- Plugs

- Door bird

- Smart glass

Configurable scen mode

Guests can set the mode with all the IoT devices, and the scen mode also support the timer/schedule functions

Sensors to making the room smarter

With the smart sensors, guests are no longer need to use the key card to obtain the power; the light will be dimmed when the curtain is opened; the windows will be closed when the wind is strong; the air purified machine will be turned on if the air quality is low, etc.

There are more than above for you to explore in the video. Should you need to know more about in details or want to make a visit to our showroom, please contact us now.