Why do people prefer to live in smart hotels?


In recent years, with the continuous progress of the times and the continuous development of science and technology, keywords such as "5G", "artificial intelligence" and "smart device" have continuously appeared in our daily lives. Therefore, a number of Internet celebrity smart hotels have been born.


The current Chinese hotel industry market has been constantly changing. It is dominated by the middle class born in the 80s and 90s and the new and younger generations. Their common feature is their strong interest in technology and intelligent hotels.


Compared with traditional hotels, the concept of smart hotels is not just an improvement, but a comprehensive change. Devices such as sensory smart lights, smart toilets, and self check-in machines enhance the customer experience.


The smart hotels avoid the traditional bad experience of queuing to check in, taking a room card to go shopping, and turning off the lights manually. Guest experience permeate into every detail, no matter it is visible or invisible. It is also constantly changing people's living habits.


Here are some featured smart functions of smart hotels:

1. Self check-in kiosk

Customers can book a hotel online now and reach the check-in kiosk in the hotel lobby to quickly confirm personal information to complete check-in.

2. Unlock the door by smart phone

After checking in, you can use your mobile phone and turn on Bluetooth to unlock.

3. Smart control

After entering the room, you can use your mobile phone to control the devices like lights, curtains, and TV.

4. Background music

The smart hotel is equipped with speakers. Guest can listen to music during bathing and resting.

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