Smart PMS - The 10 reasons you may need to know about smart PMS


The PMS architecture is a complete front-end and back-end integrated hotel management system. The guest room system is particularly important. The guest room system includes the following 10 aspects from the guest room, the price to the front desk, and we will introduce them one by one below:

1. Guest history files

The establishment of guest history files is to allow the hotel to better understand customers and grasp the characteristics of customer needs, which is of great significance to improving the quality of hotel services and operating standards.

As the saying goes, knowing oneself and one another will never end in battle. In order to make more new users become old customers and more old customers bring new customers, customer history files can be said to occupy an important position.

2. Hotel price system

The hotel price system is closely related to the market. Each market segment corresponds to a corresponding price. Only by understanding the hotel price system can you be handy in pricing decisions.

3. Reservation management

The larger the scale of the hotel service industry, in order to better carry out the hotel reservation work, the hotel reservation system is more needed, which can better improve the efficiency of hotel operations.

4. Reduction on labor cost

With the addition of self-checkin kiosk, the hotel saves a lot of labor, and a small number of people play a supporting role, which greatly saves labor costs.

5. Front desk cashier

The smart hotel front desk cashier only plays a supporting role.

6. Expense management

The scope of hotel expense management is very large, including: operating expenses, insurance premiums, utility bills, advertising fees, etc., and the management system can calculate these real-time changes more accurately.

7. Night audit

The night audit process is relatively long, requires more materials, and is more complicated. It is easy to make mistakes just by manpower, and the management system can solve this problem well.

8. Housekeeping management

Computer interconnect technology to be utilized to achieve network control, including the identity of room personnel, the door state detection, safe state, far-layer control, air conditioning status, room status Room temperature, sound and light tips the services and information monitoring, etc.

9. Engineering management

It records a series of maintenance work such as hotel elevators, air conditioning, TV, drainage, electricity, etc. In order to find and solve problems in time.

10. Linen management

Hotel linen management affects hotel operating costs and customer experience. The system can better manage a series of items such as disposable consumables and room supplies.

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