Smart Control App/System Dedicated for Hotels


After the guest uses the self check-in kiosk to check in, they can download the hotel's smart control APP/Wechat Mini App. With the hotel's exclusive APP, guests can experience a lot of intelligent services through the APP. Teamotto Smart will introduce the power of this APP to hotel owners one by one.

The user only needs to use the mobile phone number and verification code to log in after the app installed. The APP will obtain the guest's name, check-in room number and check-out date from the hotel management system (PMS).

[Enter mobile phone number and verification code to login]


[Login and check room information]

After logging in, the guests can see the room they live in and the real-time air quality in the room. Guests can use the smart control to unlock the door, turn on the lights and air conditioning at the homepage.

The system provides guests with 3 commonly used scene modes. In addition to these 3 modes, guests can also create different modes in the APP by themselves. These modes can continue to be used when the guest stays at the hotel again next time.

Sometimes I accidentally soiled the blanket, just click "clean" in the APP, and soon a helper will take care of it, and there will be no need to call. If you need laundry service, you can also click "Laundry" and the helper will come to collect your clothes soon.

In addition to these two services, Teamotto Smart Hotel APP can also provide hotels with more different customization needs.


Smart Control


The guest can control all the lights in the room at any time on the smart hotel APP. The lighting types include switch, dimming, color temperature and color adjustment (RGBW). The guest can design their own lighting effects through the APP, guest can save the setting as a scene mode and use it again next time.

Have you thought about it? Isn’t it particularly romantic that the lighting effects for this year’s wedding anniversary can be fully displayed next year?


[Background music]

Listening to music in a hotel room is an enjoyable thing for most guests. The smart hotel APP plays cloud songs through Teamotto's smart gateway. Guests can also use Bluetooth to play music on their mobile phone.


[Air Conditioning Control]

Air conditioning is believed to be used by every hotel guest, but every hotel has a different control panel. Many guests will encounter problems when using air conditioning. Teamotto's Smart Hotel APP completely solves this problem, and the simple user interface makes the satisfaction of the guests greatly improved. Guests can turn on the air conditioner 15 minutes before arriving at the hotel (if they can't arrive after 15 minutes, the air conditioner will automatically turn off), the most comfortable temperature is ready when entering the room.



If I want to watch a news channel in hotel, is it troublesome to find the remote control select the channel you are going to watch? The smart hotel APP can be a perfect solution. The guest opens the APP and selects the channel to watch. It's that simple. There are a lot of viruses on the remote control in traditional hotels, and the risk of virus infection can be reduced without using the remote control.



Many guests are not very good at using smart toilets in hotels, mainly because they don't know how to use them. Using Tengmu Smart Hotel APP can make the use simple and clear. When the weather is cold, you can pre-heat the toilet board to make guests feel very intimate.


[Air Purifier]

Today's guests have higher requirements for the living environment than ever, especially the air quality. The air purifier in the smart room can be controlled by APP. More importantly, the device will automatically turn on according to the current air quality, giving guests the best living environment at all times.


[Customized scene mode]

All the equipment in the room can be used to establish a new scene mode, and guests are no longer limited to using the mode provided by the hotel. Guests can set up a reading mode that they feel comfortable with, and can also establish a better sleep mode to experience.